Living Ceramic


The original idea of this piece is based on the concept of creating ceramics from a free and open perspective and without limitations, trying to create a direct relationship between the piece and the viewer at all moments.

Clay plays the role of the protagonist and traps the artist in her own artwork, who adopts the role transmitting freedom of movement to the artwork through the recorded images of her face covered in clay, thus giving life itself to the ceramic piece.

Materials used:
heat resistant stoneware clay paste with fine grog/firesand/chamotte
a white stoneware engobe with fine grog/firesand/chamotte
a 5” television screen TV monitor de 5" (12.7 cm)
a DVD reader DVD reproduction.
DVD (video art, duration of 5 minutes)
2 loudspeakers (small size)

Technique: The ceramic piece is made manually with the help of gypsum plaster moulds using a method known as “the squeeze” (al apreton) and modelled. It is covered in a white engobe finish. Temperature: 1150 ºC

Dimensions: 50 cm. x 45 cm. x 24 cm.



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