Our Fear - Nuestro Miedo

Pedestal ceramic had its moment, but I believe it is now a thing of the past. With this artwork I want to break the idea of ceramics being functional or ornamental. This installation is not supported on any type of pedestal-it is simply places on the floor where the viewer can move around it and feel closer to the piece, closer to the problem.

The problem that I want to represent here is the AIDS virus and its importance. Everybody should be worried and informed about this infectious disease, which is ignored and rejected by society because of some of its means of transmission.

Although treatments for the virus have advanced, they only favour developed countries and the rich, as 90% of AIDS victims are from poor countries where they lack the resources to combat this illness.

With this installation I am trying to send out a mayday call so that a union can be achieved between developed countries acting decisively with the end result of the disease having the same effects in developed and under developed countries alike. That is, being a chronic disease and not a terminal one, until we find a way to eradicate it once and for all.

The piece consists of 400 ceramic pieces that represent the tiny structures that form a cell.

The intention is to show the process of infection of the virus until it destroys a cell. For this reason I have used two types of clay, one red (terracotta) and the other white (stoneware). The white structures represent healthy cells and the red structures represent infected ones.

Marta de Pablos